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Gynétics Medical Products N.V.


laboratory products
Conception Technologies provides a complete range of products for assisted reproduction techniques; from retrieval and preparation through embryo transfer and cryopreservation.

laboratory equipment
Conception Technologies is proud to be the distributor for top tier IVF Instrumentation and Equipment manufacturer; Research Instruments.

consumer products
OvuQuick predictor test kits in both 6 day and 9 day configurations are available for home use as well as Pregnancy Test Kits.



          Medium for gradient sperm separation

          Oocyte aspiration medium
Swemed™ Sense™
Unique needle design
All Swemed follicle aspiration needles are equipped with the unique V-Tip™ design.
Gynaecological Needles IVF Gynaecology
Uterine Inseminator for Washed Spermatozoa


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