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Improving success rates
Viftrolife offers media products of the highest efficacy and safety. Long term research in reproductive physiology and studies of embryo development has resulted in the most advanced media for ART avaliable.

Every LOT of media undergoes rigorous quality control testing, including mouse embryo assay (MEA) before release to custumers. All raw materials are also tested and evaluated individually by stringent quality control and MEA procedures before use in the manufacturing of our media. A Certificate of Analysis comes with every released LOT.

Media for every step
The G5 Series™ is developed to resemble the female reproductive tract. The G5 Series™ comes both supplemented, the PLUS version, and unsupplemented. Products from Additional series can be used either with the G5 Series™ or with the Classic series.
The G5 Series™
The G5 Series™ is a new generation culture media system designed to improve success rates while providing a new kind of protection against detrimental factors.
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Products from the Additional series can be used both with the GIII™ Series and the Classic series.
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  • ASP™
  • SpermRinse™
  • IVF™
  • CCM™
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Rapid Vitrification
Vitrification is defined as “the instant solidification of a solution brought about by an extreme elevation in viscosity during cooling, without ice crystal formation”. In other words, vitrification is faster and lacks some of the typical disadvantages seen in traditional slow freezing.
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          Medium for gradient sperm separation

          Oocyte aspiration medium
Swemed™ Sense™
Unique needle design
All Swemed follicle aspiration needles are equipped with the unique V-Tip™ design.
Gynaecological Needles IVF Gynaecology
Uterine Inseminator for Washed Spermatozoa


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